How do I choose a good makeup artist?

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When creating an image, it is important for a make-up artist to consider everything – clothing, accessories, lighting. Once in the hands of a good makeup artist, you can turn into a beauty queen at any festive (or not so) event. Do you know how an experienced makeup artist differs from a beginner?

Before making an appointment, a good makeup artist will ask you in detail about all the details of the upcoming event, about your clothes, hairstyle, accessories, about the time of day – all these details he needs to better understand what kind of makeup you need. Paying attention to all the nuances of creating beauty, the makeup artist will help you to cheer up and develop self-confidence.

Why choose a makeup artist carefully

The bow created by the master should correspond to the image that you have previously created in your imagination. A good make-up artist knows how to intuitively capture the wishes of his clients, so at an important event you will look exactly as you dreamed.

Contact only trusted specialists, do not experiment on the beauty of your face. If the cosmetics are chosen incorrectly, you may feel either discomfort from skin tightness, itching, or, conversely, an unpleasant sensation of “waterlogging” of the skin will appear.

If your makeup is applied using the “wrong” makeup, it may simply leak and the holiday will be hopelessly ruined. If a make-up artist is sloppy and does not handle his tools well, picks up funds from tubes with a reusable brush, and not a special spatula, then you may get unpleasant “gifts” from such a master.

Sign up for a makeup test first. To make sure of the professionalism of the master, try to get to his appointment at rush hour. You will be able to see for yourself whether the master after the previous client really thoroughly sanitized the brushes, even those that were used only for dry textures. There must be an antiseptic spray on the makeup artist’s table.

The quality of cosmetics. In the arsenal of the master, along with professional make-up products, there may be not very expensive, but well-proven cosmetics. The choice of funds is directly related to the cost of the service. Attention! If you are prone to allergic reactions, inform your makeup artist in advance.

Work experience. To be a highly qualified specialist, a master must constantly practice, improve, participate in seminars and master classes, and take part in competitions. Ask the makeup artist what professional events he has participated in recently – a good artist will not hide his merits, but he will not ask too much either.

Controversial points. If you do not like, for example, the color of the eyeshadow that your makeup artist offers, tell him directly. A good master, of course, will not ignore your opinion, but perhaps he will be able to convince you, give reasons, even if you are initially against this color.

Do not hesitate: if you do not understand something, ask, clarify the details, because you are ordering a service on which the beauty of your face, your appearance and the number of compliments you receive depends.

Location and trust. Talk over the phone to any questionable points, and you will immediately feel how comfortable it is for you to communicate with the person. Communication is really very important: if you are “on the same wavelength” with the master, he will be able to better understand what result you want to get. It is worth doubting whether to go to a master who gives unintelligible answers to questions.

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